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Setting up in-store pickup


In addition to regular shipping, you can set up in-store pickup through shipping settings. Your customers can stop by your location to pick up their orders instead of waiting for a courier service to ship them out. Plus, customers don’t need to enter shipping information, so they can checkout faster.

Create an in-store pickup option:

1. From your store admin, go to Shipping & Pickup.

2. Click Add In-store Pickup.

3. Enter the Order pickup label. It will be displayed to customers at checkout.

4. Enter the Detailed instructions for customers – how, where and when your customers can collect their purchases.

5. Add Pickup charge, if necessary (for example, if you need to cover your expenses for delivering goods to this pickup location).

6. Click Add Pickup Option.

Now your customers can choose the in-store pickup option at checkout.

In case you have multiple locations available for pickup, simply add more pickup options following the same steps. Specifying each location address in the Pickup option label field lets your customers differentiate the pickup options easily.

Setting up pickup date and time

You can enable the Date and Time picker for your in-store pickup option. Set the business hours to make sure your customers don’t show up when you are closed.

To enable the Date and Time Picker option:

1. From your store admin, go to Shipping & Pickup.

2. Click Actions > Edit next to the enabled In-store Pickup option.

3. Enable the option Ask for Pickup Date and Time at Checkout.

4. Tick the days when you are open for pickup and set your Business Hours:

5. Select the convenient Order Fulfilment Time.

6. Click Save.

Now when your customers choose to pick up their order at the checkout, they can select the preferable day and time according to your business hours and order fulfilment time.

You will know what day and time the customer has selected at checkout from the email notification for this order and when you are viewing the Order Details in your store admin, go to My Sales > Orders.

Managing pickup orders

When a new pickup order is placed in your store, you can notice it among other sales in your Orders page by the In-store Pickup icon:

If you have many orders that will be picked up by buyers, you can export information about pickup date and time chosen by customers to a CSV file (it’s compatible with spreadsheets or can be opened in any text editor) to clearly see what orders should be fulfilled first.

To inform the customer that their order is awaiting pickup, simply change its Fulfilment Status to “Ready for Pickup”. We will send the corresponding email notification to the customer’s email address.

Make sure that the Order is Ready for Pickup notification is enabled in your store admin, go to Settings > Mail, otherwise, your customers won’t be able to receive it.

Modifying the “Ready for Pickup” email template (advanced)

You can customize your “Ready for Pickup” email notification by adding a logo or changing the color scheme, font, or adding additional details.

We send out the notification Order is Ready for Pickup to the customers’ email address when you change the order status to Ready for Pickup. The notification provides the details about purchased items and the pickup instructions.

To edit the template:

1. From your store admin, go to Settings > Mail.

2. Choose the Order is Ready for Pickup notification and click Edit.

3. Modify the templates as needed (watch the video below to get instructions).

4. Click Preview email or Send a test email.

If you need to reset a template to its default, click Revert to default below the template editor.