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One click, infinite ways to sell

Turn any website, blog, forum and more into a sales channel with the Buy Now button feature. Simply copy and paste the auto-generated code and you’re ready to go! Shoppers can view product options like colour and size, and proceed to checkout including your store’s full shipping and payment options, without ever really leaving the site they’re on.


Fit in anywhere you go

Choose from four Buy Now button designs to instantly suit the platform and audience you want to sell to. Select a product card with images and details, or opt for a simple button that works perfectly for a blog or forum. Wherever you’re selling, the Buy Now button seamlessly adapts to create a great customer experience.

Sell on WordPress in minutes

Add a Buy Now button for any product to your WordPress site or blog. By adding just a few lines of code, the Buy Now button will integrate with your site’s theme instantly. Plus, it’s responsive, so your product will look great on any device.


Customise it to suit your brand

Change the amount of information, how the product is displayed, remove the price, update the card layout, and more. The Buy Now button is designed to work for your brand and your customers’ preferences.

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The Buy Now button is a free feature on all Netcash Shop plans. It allows you to embed a product card on almost any website, static site builder, or blog, making it perfect for expanding your sales and affiliate marketing. By simply copying and pasting the auto-generated code for a specific product, you can offer customers a secure checkout experience anywhere online.

You can add the Buy Now button code to your website, blog, and even 404 error pages to capture valuable users before they leave. Want to keep your product visible while customers browse? You can also add a Buy Now button to your website sidebar, making the product ‘sticky’ no matter where users scroll to. Plus, add it to partner websites to easily sell via affiliate channels and track sales from anywhere online.

Generally, the Buy Now button will work on any website or platform that can have code added to it. Social media and messenger apps for example, can’t be used, and adding a standard URL for your product or catalogue to these would be best.

No, you don’t need a developer. Once you select the product you’d like to generate a Buy Now button product card for, the code is automatically created for you. All you need to do is copy it, and paste it into the code of the website you’d like to place it on. Follow our user guide for more information.

Yes, your Netcash Shop is PCI DSS Level 1 certified and the included Pay Now gateway is 3D Secure, which means that your customers can purchase with peace of mind from anywhere online.