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Import customers

The simplest way to import customer data from another website, system, or database is by using the free Import Customers app.

Note: This app is only available to customers on paid plans with access to the App Market.

To import customers using the app:

1. Go to Apps > App Market in your Netcash Shop dashboard and search for “Import Customers”.

2. Install the app.

3. You will now see that the app appears under My Sales > Import Customers as a new menu item.

4. Download the CSV template from the app.

5. Use the template to create the file of customer information you want to import using a spreadsheet editor like Excel. Note that you can leave the password column blank, as Netcash Shop will create new random passwords for each customer.

6. Save the file as a CSV and upload it to the app.

7. Once the upload is complete, the app will automatically create new customers in your My Sales > Customers menu.

You can upload more customer information at any time using the app. Any new customers who purchase from your store will also appear under My Sales > Customers. You can use all customer data to create customer groups for discounts, wholesale pricing, VIP and other customer groups, and more.