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Netcash Shop’s built-in Google Advertising app, powered by Kliken, lets you set up, create and launch ads for your products automatically. No need to create accounts or sync catalogues manually with Google, our app does it all for you, right from your Shop dashboard. You can choose to use free Shopping ads or set up paid Google Search and Shopping campaigns that suit your budget.

Be seen wherever your customers are

Advertising on Google lets you reach more customers and grow your business faster. You can use the app integration to spread your ads across YouTube, Gmail, Google Images, Google Search, Google Shopping, and more. No marketing experience is required – just sit back and let the AI optimise your campaigns and budget. It’s that easy.

Level-up with Google insights

Let Google take the guesswork out of your digital marketing. You can review your ads’ performance in real-time in your Netcash Shop dashboard. Gain valuable insight into which ads work best for your business, and which customers are responding the most. You can optimise your campaigns, promotions, and spend to take your business to the next level in no time.

See for yourself

Take a look at some of our stores using Google advertising for sales success.
Just imagine how your business could grow with Netcash Shop’s powerful digital marketing tools.
Hint: Google their brands and products and watch the search results pop up!*

*Subject to Google’s advertising algorithm and individual brand activity at the time of search.

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What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a form of advertising provided by Google. Store owners upload their data via a product feed in Google Merchant Centre, allowing Google to correctly identify, categorise and market their products alongside competitors and related options. When a user searches Google for a specific product, the Shopping tab allows them to view all available options in their area, make comparisons, and visit the store websites to make a purchase. You only pay for Google Shopping when a user clicks on your product. In Netcash Shop, this process is simplified and automated for you via our powerful built-in marketing app, Kliken. To use Kliken simply sign in to your Netcash Shop account, or if you do not have an account, start your free trial here.

How does Google Shopping work?

Google Shopping in Netcash Shop is managed for you via the built-in Kliken Marketing; Google Campaigns and Retargeting app. The app simplifies and automates the process of creating a Google Merchant Centre account, creating a product feed for your store, and running and optimising advertising campaigns. You can manage your campaigns, budgets and results from your Netcash Shop dashboard, by installing the Kliken app. All product updates are constantly synced to Google without any intervention from you.

Why use Google Shopping?

Google Shopping and other Google Ads formats are a great way to reach new customers on the world’s biggest search engine, Google, for a relatively low cost. Each time a user searches for a product, Google shows them relevant results with Google text ads, Google Shopping, and more. If your products match the search query, they’ll be shown to the user and increase your chances of gaining a new customer and order. Plus, you only pay per click (PPC) which means that you only pay for interested customers who click on your products. To setup Google Shopping, sign in to your Netcash Shop account and install the Kliken app, or if you do not have an account, start your free trial here.

How do I set up a Google Shopping product feed?

By using the Kliken app in Netcash Shop, you don’t need to manually create and update product feeds. The app automatically detects updates and changes to your product catalogue when you make them or when stock runs out, and syncs your data to Google each day. To start syncing your products to Google and view your store’s statistics, install the Kliken app in your Netcash Shop dashboard.

Can I use an existing Google AdWords or Google Shopping account?

Because the Kliken marketing app creates a Google account for you, existing accounts can’t be used. However, you can choose to continue to use your own account outside of Netcash Shop, instead of using the Kliken app. You can do this by creating a Google Merchant Centre account, and manually uploading your product data to Google.