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Recently Viewed

Display recently viewed products to improve your store’s navigation.

Checkout Notices

Add a custom note for customers at checkout.

Import Customers

An easy way to import your customers and migrate from another eCommerce platform.

Netcash Payment Gateway

Accept secure online payments by offering your customers multiple ways to pay with your built-in Netcash eCommerce Payment Gateway.

Discount Coupon Importer

Easily import discount coupons from a CSV file.

Kliken Stats

Understand your customers and improve your marketing efforts with this free web analytics tool.

Syncee for Suppliers

Find US/CA/EU/AU products from local suppliers for your dropshipping business.

Required Login Storefront Access

Require customers to login to access any page of your storefront.

Pinterest Save Button

Add the Pinterest save button to the main image on your product details page.

Bulk Gallery Upload

Upload images in bulk to product galleries.

Custom Redirect for “Thank You” Page

Direct customers to your custom ‘Thank You’ page after their purchase.

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