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Build an ecommerce website in minutes

 No website? No problem! You can create one from scratch in under an hour, no coding or development experience required. Netcash Shop includes a free website builder, Instant Site, with all packages, allowing you to create the perfect site to launch your brand online.


Add ecommerce to any website

If you’ve already got a working website, you can easily add ecommerce to it. Netcash Shop seamlessly integrates with top site builders like WordPress, Wix, Joomla, and Squarespace. Plus, in just two steps, you can use custom code to add your online store to other site builders and custom sites.

Choose from a range of design templates

Find the perfect match for your brand’s style with a range of pre-designed templates. Change up the images, text, buttons, sections, information, and much more to truly make it our own. Want to take it a step further? Use custom CSS to take your site design to the next level.


Style your site with custom content blocks

Add, remove, and customise our ready-to-use content blocks to make your Instant Site your own. Add information blocks like About and Contact Us, or add Customer Reviews to increase social proof. Plus, we’ve added Legal, Privacy Policy, and Returns Policy page templates for you – just fill in the blanks with your business’s details, and you’re ready to go. Selling online has never been simpler.

Go mobile from day one

With Netcash Shop Instant Site, your website and online store are mobile-responsive from day one. No extra work required. Plus, you can make design and product changes on-the-go on any paid plan with our mobile Shop management app.


Add your own domain

With all Netcash Shop plans, you receive a free domain for your business. Ecommerce hosting, backups, storage, and free SSL certificate are all included. Already have a domain? No problem! You can connect it to your Netcash Shop site in just a few simple steps.

Sell anywhere with Buy Now buttons

Buy Now buttons are the perfect way to drive sales anywhere online. A standard feature of your Netcash Shop store, you can choose from different designs to suit your website or an external one (perfect for affiliate marketing) for any product. This feature allows you to place a beautiful product card or simple “Buy Now” button anywhere, giving customers seamless access to product options, shipping, and payment in just a few clicks.


Manage everything in one place

Netcash Shop lets you manage everything from a single dashboard, on desktop or on-the-go with our mobile app. Payments, shipping, orders, invoices, tax calculations, products, site design, discounts, and even reporting – it’s all connected and included in your Netcash Shop plan.

Increase your sales, expand your reach

Grow your business by connecting your online store to marketplaces, social media, Google, and more.


Website builders allow you to setup and design a website easily, with minimal or no coding required. Many use drag-and-drop design tools, or offer pre-designed templates for free or at a small cost. Netcash Shop offers a free, no-code website builder with all plans.

This depends on your needs, but the ideal website builder has ecommerce (online selling) functionality built-in, as well as a few other inclusions. This allows you to easily scale your business from a simple informational site, to an online store, and even a blog. Netcash Shop’s Instant Site is a great example of a builder that is easy to use, mobile-friendly, customisable, secure, and includes ecommerce features.

Not all builders are secure, and you may need to buy your own domain hosting and SSL certificate to ensure your site is safe for you and your customers. Netcash Shop provides you with a free SSL certificate, hosting on your sub-domain, backups and storage.

The best ones will be scalable for your business, and include a range of features that are free and premium. Netcash Shop is the ideal ecommerce platform and website builder for small to medium businesses, providing free features from day one, as well as apps, courier integrations, and secure online payments.

Yes, we do. You can use our free sub-domain ( or choose to connect your own domain from any hosting provider. Take a look at our ecommerce hosting page for more information.

We offer free support to all customers setting up their Instant Site and online stores. For dedicated design services, including custom coding projects, get in touch with us about our Expert Partner packages.

You can design a custom website by hiring a developer. Netcash Shop Expert Partners can do this for you. Please submit a brief so we can put you in touch with the right expert for the job.

With Netcash Shop’s Instant Site, you can design a simple, professional website in less than 60 minutes. Pre-designed templates, customisable content blocks, and pre-populated policy documents make it a breeze to get setup and start adding your products.