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Link your customers up to the best of your brand

LinkUp provides your business with a fully customisable page to display all of your most important links. Add new products, curated content, and much more. Simply set it up in your Netcash Shop, and add the link to your social media profiles. It’s as powerful as a website, but much easier to create and use on mobile.

Power up your social sales

LinkUp allows you to sell directly from your social profiles – no extra integrations or checkout needed. Simply link and list products from your Netcash Shop on your LinkUp page, and let your customers browse and checkout without leaving the platform.

  • Easily sell on LinkUp and skip long social media approval processes.
  • Accept secure online payments with your store’s integrated Netcash Payment Gateway.
  • Sell anything – digital products, physical goods, custom merchandise, collect donations and more.

Sell everywhere, effortlessly

Start on LinkUp, and turn one sales channel into many with Netcash Shop’s powerful ecommerce tools. Sell across social platforms, Google, websites, marketplaces and more with built-in apps and integrations. Grow your brand’s reach, audience and revenue, all from a single dashboard.

  • Sell everywhere online and manage your orders in one dashboard.
  • Promote your business with built-in email marketing, paid ads, and more.
  • Effortlessly integrate with and sell on multiple platforms, marketplaces and other sites

Your LinkUp, your way

Customise your LinkUp page to suit your brand’s style. In just a few button clicks, you’ll have a unique design ready to impress your followers.

Measure, optimise, repeat

Get the info you need to grow your business at a glance with LinkUp’s powerful built-in reporting tools. 

  • Stay up-to-date on your sales and revenue performance
  • Know your customers at every step – from page views to completed purchases
  • Maximise your influence – easily see which social platforms bring you the most visitors and sales
  • Keep track of your bestsellers to boost sales


LinkUp is a free social selling tool available to Netcash Shop clients. Create it in our Netcash Shop dashboard, and add the link to your social media profiles as your main URL (“link in bio”).

Your followers can click the link from within Instagram for example, and easily view featured products, content, or any other links you have added to your LinkUp page. You can learn more about implementing LinkUp here.

‘Link in bio’ is a social media term that refers to adding a website URL to your social media profile. Often, platforms like Instagram only allow you to have one link at a time, and it can be tricky to highlight content like blogs, as well as new products to your followers this way. LinkUp is a ‘link in bio’ tool that lets you add links to multiple products, content items, and more on a single page, using just one URL in the profile.

LinkUp is free on all Netcash Shop plans, and is a great way for any business to start selling on social media, WhatsApp, and anywhere online.

You can sell anything, as long as it meets social media guidelines. Sell digital products like music or training material; physical goods like clothing and beauty products; or accept donations for your Non-Profit Organisation.

LinkUp connects to your Netcash Shop product catalogue and website. Any products you link on your LinkUp page will connect the buyer to your Shop, and they’ll pay securely via your built-in Netcash Payment Gateway. All orders and payments will reflect in your Netcash Shop dashboard. Sign up for Netcash Shop for free and register for the Payment Gateway service to get started.