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Free eCommerce hosting

With Netcash Shop, your eCommerce hosting is completely free when you choose to host your site on our sub-domain, You can customise your domain on any plan, from Free to Unlimited.

  • Powered by Amazon Web Services for instant site loading
  • Uses Cloudfront Content Delivery Network (CDN) for a fast shopping experience
  • Level 1 PCI DSS certified
  • Free SSL certificate for data security
  • Automatic software updates

Add a custom domain to Netcash Shop

Netcash Shop customers on paid plans can add a custom domain from any hosting provider of their choice. Simply set up domain pointing in your hosting account, using your Netcash Shop’s unique IP address.

For those who purchase Hosting from, you can receive an exclusive 10% off*. Simply sign up and complete your Netcash Shop account registration to qualify for the offer. Checkout the *Ts & Cs for more information.

Already have a domain?

Adding an existing domain to your Netcash Shop is easy! You can connect a registered domain from any provider to your Netcash Shop on any of our paid plans, ensuring your customers can find you anywhere on the web. 

Choose the best eCommerce hosting for your business

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What is eCommerce hosting and why do i need it?

eCommerce hosting includes website hosting, server space, bandwidth and software. Netcash Shop provides all of these tools in one, backed by Amazon Web Services’ global servers and Cloudfront CDN for the fastest data processing and browsing experience possible. This ensures you have everything you need to run a reliable, secure and competitive online store and business. 

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the website address that users type into the URL bar of their browser when searching for a specific website. Your website URL is essentially the online address (location) of your business, just as the street address would be the location for your physical store. 

Why is it important to have a unique domain name?

The right domain name selection can have an impact on your brand’s reputation, credibility, and how memorable it is to customers, among other things. Just like you considered the name of your business carefully, you should consider how easy to read your domain name is, and what extension will be best remembered for your business type and location. For more information and tips, check out our blog post here.

How does the stability of an eCommerce hosting service impact the user shopping experience?

Stability is key to a fast and error-free shopping experience online. Slow server speeds, limited bandwidth or low storage capacity cause web pages to load more slowly, or not at all. This causes frustration for the online user and can put doubt in their minds as to the security and/or legitimacy of the site they are browsing. 

How does the reliability of an eCommerce hosting service affect sales and overall business performance?

A reliable hosting service ensures that there is minimum, if any, downtime for the sites being hosted. This is done by providing multiple, high capacity servers (often placed globally to provide higher speeds by proximity to the users), high bandwidth and data storage capabilities. The domain is also secured, which prevents cyber attacks that could compromise data security. A stable website provides a fast, reliable shopping experience to your customers, enabling them to browse products easily and checkout securely, even when there is a high volume of customer traffic on your website. Google also ranks websites according to site speed and user behaviour, so the faster your site, and the more users who stay to shop and browse, the better your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) results will be. All of this works to increase sales and brand credibility online for your business.


Is there anything I need to do to manage my ecommerce hosting?

Netcash Shop is a SaaS solution which stands for Software as a Service. This simply means that your Netcash Shop data is stored and processed on Amazon Web Services servers. Netcash Shop does not use or consume any resources of the server that is responsible for running your website.


All software updates/upgrades and fixes are automatically sent to your Netcash Shop by our team. We are concerned about the safety and security of your data. We handle all the technical aspects allowing you to focus on selling your product or service.


I want to put a Netcash Shop on my existing website. Which types of websites can I use with Netcash Shop?

Netcash Shop can be used with any site/hosting that permits embedding HTML/Javascript code. You should choose the hosting based on your website’s engine requirements and other services you may use and run on your webpages. Netcash Shop also has plugins for popular platforms like WordPress, WIX & Joomla.

Where is my data physically stored?

Amazon S3 assists us with your eCommerce hosting. They have locations all over the world allowing your data to be stored in multiple locations and delivered to you from the closest server.


How do I know my Shop is secure?

Netcash Shop uses secure hosting ensuring all data in your online shop is being protected. Your products, customers, and general information are all stored with Netcash Shop’s eCommerce hosting servers. We run checks regularly with security scanners, ensure the software is updated and set up backups of your shop. Your data is kept on a secure eCommerce hosting server – Amazon Web Services, a trustworthy and secure solution.


How do I connect my existing domain to my Netcash Shop?

You can connect an existing domain from any hosting provider to your Netcash Shop. You can do this via domain pointing, which can be set up in your account with your domain provider, using step-by-step instructions provided in your Netcash Shop dashboard. Once the record is set up, your domain will be connected with your Netcash Shop and customers will be able to view your store when searching your domain name.


What is the process to migrate my existing eCommerce store to Netcash Shop hosting?

If you’d like to switch your current store’s domain to either the free Netcash Shop subdomain or to, you can do so by transferring your domain.

Almost all domain hosts provide this service to customers and you can follow instructions like’s here to switch your domain to be hosted by (for example) instead.

In the case of using the free Netcash Shop subdomain, we recommend setting up your new URL in your Netcash Shop dashboard first, for example “”. You can then end your current domain hosting services, and put a redirect in place so that your old domain redirects users automatically to your new domain name. You can set this up with your domain hosting provider.


Does Netcash Shop offer any guarantees for uptime?

Both Netcash Shop and aim to provide 99.9% uptime. Downtime is very rare, and technical issues are detected immediately and customers notified as soon as possible of any major interruptions. Our global partner, Ecwid by Lightspeed, may from time to time perform software updates to the Netcash Shop interface however this only inconveniences the merchant for a few minutes maximum, and does not prevent customers from making secure purchases.


What security measures does Netcash Shop implement for my eCommerce store?

Netcash Shop is Level 1 PCI DSS certified, and provides a free SSL certificate to all users on every plan to ensure the highest level of security for both data and payments. further provides 1-Click DNSSEC with their domain hosting services, adding an extra layer of domain security. Netcash also runs regular backups to ensure the integrity of your store’s data is maintained.