Amazon Web Services

Netcash Shop’s eCommerce hosting is powered by Amazon Web Services with servers globally allowing your online shop to instantly load.

Free eCommerce hosting

Most eCommerce website hosting services require you to pay a monthly fee. With Netcash Shop, your eCommerce hosting is completely free.

We handle all details

Netcash Shop automatically assists in setting up all requirements for you to manage your online shop. No need to worry about software updates as this is updated automatically. Just focus on running your shop and we will handle the rest.

Security at its best

Netcash Shop and our eCommerce hosting solution are Level 1 PCI DSS certified allowing all customer data to be secured. A free SSL certificate is provided to users.


Netcash Shop uses Content Delivery Network (CDN) allowing customers to get an extremely fast shopping experience. CDN helps reduce delays in loading web page content by reducing the physical distance between the server and the user.

Ensure your shop is secured with the best eCommerce hosting

Once you have set up your Netcash Shop you can easily sync and sell online across a website, social media, and marketplaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Netcash Shop is a SAAS solution which stands for Software as a Service. This simply means that your Netcash Shop its data is stored and processed on Amazon Web Services servers. Netcash Shop does not use or consume any resources of the server that is responsible for running your website.

All software updates/upgrades and fixes are automatically sent to your Netcash Shop by our team. We are concerned about the safety and security of your data. We handle all the technical aspects allowing you to focus on selling your product or service.

Netcash Shop can be used with any site/hosting that permits embedding HTML/Javascript code. You should choose the hosting based on your website’s engine requirements and other services you may use and run on your webpages. Netcash Shop also has plugins for popular platforms like WordPress, WIX & Joomla.

Amazon S3 assists us with your eCommerce hosting. They have locations all over the world allowing your data to be stored in multiple locations and delivered to you from the closest server.

Netcash Shop uses secure hosting ensuring all data in your online shop is being protected. Your products, customers, and general information are all stored with Netcash Shop’s eCommerce hosting servers. We run checks regularly with security scanners, ensure the software is updated and set up backups of your shop. Your data is kept on a secure eCommerce hosting server – Amazon Web Services, a trustworthy and secure solution.

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