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Netcash Billing

Billing cycles 

Your Netcash fees are billed at the end of the month for transaction fees and plans used during the previous month. 

Your most recent Netcash invoice is available to view on your Netcash merchant account on the 1st of every month. 

To view your invoice/s: 

1. Log into your Netcash merchant account. 

2. Go to Services > Account 

3. Click on Reports > Invoices 

a. Select the invoice that you would like to view. 

b. Download either a detailed or summarized invoice. 

Paying your Netcash invoice

Netcash will automatically deduct your fees on the 1st of the month from the funds in your Netcash merchant account provided there are funds available.  

If there are no funds available, then you will need to make a deposit to your Netcash merchant account and use your 11-digit Netcash account number as the deposit reference and it will be automatically added to your available balance.  

To see what funds are available in your account, view your Netcash Statement: Services > Account > Reports > Statement 

Netcash has multiple clearing accounts available, depending on which bank you use. To find the bank details you would like to use simply navigate to: Services > Account > Manage account > Netcash clearing accounts 


If there are no funds available in your Netcash merchant account or your account is in the negative on the day your fees are due, Netcash will attempt to recover the fees from your linked bank account.  

If the recoveries are returned then your account will be suspended and you will lose access to your Netcash merchant account, your Shop dashboard, and your Shop will be temporarily deactivated (closed to customers). To restore your access, you will need to settle your account and reactivate your Shop on your Merchant account.   

Different charges 

Your invoice details will show a breakdown of all the charges on your account, depending on which Netcash services you have activated, and which transactions have been performed on your Shop. 

Charge types

Shop plan 




Pay Now module fee 

Pay Now transaction fees 



Settlement fee 

Notification fee 


Balance recovery fee 


Charge types





Payment Gateway  

Credit card authorization fee 

MasterCard and VISA commission 

Instant EFT fee 

When funds are released to the linked bank account 

Transactional SMS or email notifications sent 

Interest on a negative balance 

Fee charged per recovery attempt 

Negative balance is recovered from the linked bank account 

Transaction fees 

Below you will find the cost per transaction type for each successful payment made on your store.  

How the Shop Plan Subscription billing works 

When you upgrade from the Free plan to a paid plan, we will only start billing you for your paid plan from the next month. Thereafter your subscription cycle runs monthly from the same day each month on the date that your paid plan began. Ie. if you upgraded to a paid plan on the 9th of the month, then every month your subscription cycle runs from the 9th until the 9th.

Our invoices are charged in arrears, which means you pay at the beginning of the next month for the month past so that we can include all transaction fees that happened in that month. 

How would this work? Two examples: 

Upgrading from Free to a Paid plan 

This client signed up for their Free Shop on 7th November and upgraded to Venture on the 14th November. Their first invoice will be free as their paid plan will only start charging from 01 December. 

Upgrading to a higher paid plan  

This client is on the Venture plan and upgrades on the 15th November to the higher Business plan. On 01 December the invoice will reflect any incurred transaction fees as well as the full plan fees for Venture up until the subscription cycle ends and pro-rata Business plan up until the end of subscription cycle.

How does the Free plan work?

Netcash Shop offers you the option to remain on the Free plan forever, so long as you have activated and use the Netcash eCommerce Payment Gateway that is built into your Shop.

Your Netcash Shop monthly plan is free, and you are only charged the payment gateway and related transaction fees. You will also incur account fees as noted above.

To make use of this plan option, you need to process one or more transactions every 30 days via the payment gateway, either from purchases made in your Netcash Shop or outside of it.

If you do not process any transactions, your Shop will be deactivated after the 30-day period has lapsed.

Termination of Netcash Account

You may cancel your Shop or Netcash Account and terminate the Terms of Service at any time by contacting your Relationship Consultant. To view your Shop Service agreement log into Merchant > Account Profile > My Space > Service Agreements. And ‘Download’ to access the agreement. 

Cancelling your Netcash Shop:

If you’re on a Free plan and still in the 30-day trial period, you needn’t cancel your account. It will automatically expire after the trial has ended.  

If you have an active Netcash account with a Netcash Shop on a paid plan, you can pause, change, or deactivate your Netcash Shop via your Merchant account. 

In your Netcash Merchant account, navigate to: Services > Shop > Manage Shop 

  1. To deactivate or pause your subscription, click the ‘tick’ box so that it unticks. 
  2. To downgrade your Shop plan to Free, select the ‘pencil’ icon to the left and select the Free plan from the dropdown menu. Note that billing will still apply for the current billing cycle and be due with your Netcash account invoice. 


To cancel your Netcash account

To cancel your Netcash account and deactivate all services on it, contact your Relationship Consultant via your Merchant account (their details will be reflected on your homepage) or contact us. 

Upon termination, any outstanding balance owed to Netcash for your use of the Services through the effective date of such termination will immediately become due and payable in full. Your Relationship Consultant can confirm if there is an outstanding balance, or you can view it on your live statement in your Merchant account by navigating to: Services > Account > Reports > Statement. 

Find out how to make a deposit and settle your balance on your Netcash Account here.

Refunds Policy

Unless otherwise provided in the Terms of Service, you will not be entitled to any refunds of any plans or transaction fees, pro rata or otherwise; Netcash Shop does not provide refunds.