Back in Stock Notifications

Send an automatic notification to customers once an out of stock item is available again.

Checkout with Phone Number

Make it possible for customers to checkout with a phone number instead of an email in your store.

Size Chart & Product Option Descriptions

Create the ideal size chart pop-ups.

Recently Viewed Products

Display recently viewed products to improve your store navigation.

Checkout Notices

Add a custom note for customers at checkout.

Currency Converter WL

Converts the currency in your storefront to your customer’s currency based on their location and currencies you make available.


360º Product Views

Looka Logo Maker

Design a stunning new logo using AI – takes 5 minutes!

Pinterest Save Button

Add the Pinterest save button to the main image on your product details page.

Image Zoom

Reveal the finer details of your product images.

Shoppable Stories

Automatically create shoppable, Instagram like stories from your products

Advanced Branding

Content protection, cursor modification, click animation, edit scroll.

Mega Menu

Present Shop categories at a glance with a Multi-level Mega Menu

Subcategory preview

 Improves the User Experience of the Category Block

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Tabs for Descriptions

Optimise sales with tabs for delivery and return info and more!

Selling your products and services online has never been this easy