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Adjusting Netcash Shop Storefront Design

Enhance Your Store’s Appearance with the Design Section

Take full control of your online store’s aesthetics and create a captivating shopping experience for your customers using the Design section in your Netcash Shop admin. From image sizes to product card layouts and even category name positioning, the power to customize is in your hands. The best part? Any changes you make will be instantly reflected on your website.

If you sell on WordPress or Wix, you can set up storefront design on the side of your site builder.

For WordPress users, follow these instructions here

For Wix users, follow these instructions here

Create Eye-Catching Product Cards

A product card serves as a visual snapshot of your offerings, combining images and content to attract your customers. With Netcash Shop, you have the flexibility to tailor these cards to your liking.

Image Customization

Capture the essence of your products by adjusting the image size. Simply navigate to Design → Image Size and select the dimensions that suit your needs. Larger images are perfect for showcasing complex details, making them ideal for jewelry, home decor, and other visually stunning items.

Want to provide a closer look at your products without requiring additional clicks? Enable the zoom feature for product images on hover.
To achieve this, head to Design → Image Gallery Thumbnails and check the “Zoom main product image on hover” box.
Your customers will appreciate the ability to examine every intricate detail with ease.

Netcash Shop offers customization options for image aspect ratios. In the Design → Image Aspect Ratio section, you can select the look that best showcases your products. Opt for portrait orientation to highlight apparel or choose the look that perfectly complements your merchandise.

Create Compelling Content

The product card is incomplete without engaging content that conveys the essential details to your customers. Depending on your preference, you can choose how these details are presented.

In Design → Product Card Details and Layout, you have the freedom to decide which product details are displayed on the card. Whether you want to showcase all the information or keep it minimalistic, Netcash Shop empowers you to make the choice that aligns with your brand.

Please note that while showing details on mouse hover can be effective for desktop users, it may not be applicable to mobile customers since phones lack a mouse device. Consider this when deciding which display option suits your audience best.

With Netcash Shop’s Design section, you have the tools to transform your online store’s appearance. Embrace the power of customization and create a shopping environment that truly represents your brand and captivates your customers.