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Instant Site Favicon

A favicon is a small icon that shows in a browser tab before the website name, in bookmarks, browser history, etc. It helps users identify your site when they have several tabs open in a browser:

There are two ways to upload a favicon for your Netcash Shop Instant site: using the logo or meta tags.

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Uploading favicon via logo

If you upload a logo for your Netcash Shop Instant site, it’s automatically used as a favicon.

You can hide the logo if you want to and the favicon will still remain. First, here is how to upload a logo:

  1. From your Netcash Shop admin, go to Website.
  2. Click Edit:
  1. Go to Headline & Cover > Store logo > click Upload logo:
  1. Upload a photo from your computer that you want to use for the favicon.
  2. Save the changes.

If you want to use the favicon and hide the logo, you can do it with a CSS code:

  1. From your Netcash Shop admin, go to Design.
  2. Click Edit Theme if you have an active custom CSS theme or scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Create Theme → Add new CSS Theme.
  3. Paste the following code to your CSS Theme:
  1. Save the changes.

Refresh the storefront page to see the changes.

Uploading favicon via meta tags

If you do not have a store logo, but you want to have a favicon, you can find or create an image for the favicon, upload it to an image hosting and then add it to the <head→ section of the store.

You can create a favicon from scratch or using another image using favicon online generators like this: https://favicon.io/

To upload a favicon for the store using meta tags:

  1. Upload your favicon to an image hosting service, e.g. https://imgbb.com/
  2. Get a direct link to the image, i.e. so that when you click on the link, the image opens:
    • If you use https://imgbb.com/ service, pload your image.
    • After the image upload, click on the image itself. Don’t use the image links provided.
    • When you click on the image, it will open in a new tab. Right click on the image and select → Copy image URL or Copy image address.
    • The image URL when pasted, should start with “https://” and end with “.png”.
  3. From your Netcash Shop admin, go to Website.
  4. Scroll down to the “SEO settings” section and click Add Code under Header meta tags and site verification. If you already have code in here, click Edit. If you already have meta tags here, press ‘enter’ to add the new code below it on a separate line.
    To use Header meta tags and site verification, you need to have a paid Netcash Shop account.
  5. In the appeared field, enter this code:

And replace Direct_image_link with the actual link to your favicon that you copied on the image hosting:

  1. Save the changes.

Refresh the storefront page to see the added favicon.