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Adding product search to your site

You can add a search widget to your site page so your customers can search for products in your store. The search widget can be added to any page on your site or to all the pages.

For Wix users: follow the steps from the article about adding search to Wix.
For WordPress users: learn about two ways of adding product search to your site.

To add a product search box to your site:

  1. From your Netcash Shop admin, go to admin > Overview.
  2. In the “Sell on your website” section, click on the Custom website.
  3. Scroll to the Store extensions section and click Add Product Search. The code will be copied:
  1. Add the search widget code to your site’s code. Depending on the platform you use, that may be HTML, source tab, or a separate button to add codes. If you are not sure how to add custom codes to your website, please contact your website developer for more detailed instructions.
  2. Save and publish the changes.
Once you complete the steps, a search box should appear on your website.