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Selling on Amazon

Amazon is one of the world’s greatest marketplaces that attracts more than 180 million visitors a month. You can list your products on Amazon right from Netcash Shop and thus expand the number of your potential customers and increase your revenue.

When you sell on Amazon with Netcash Shop, you can manage products and orders in one place — your admin panel. If you sync the stock between the two services, you may be safe that there won’t be overselling.

Plan availability: Business, Unlimited. If you are based outside of the USA, you can use a paid third-party app for integration with Amazon.

Check if you can sell on Amazon.com

You can sell on Amazon.com if your store meets these criteria:

  1. Your Netcash Shop country is set to the USA. You can check that in your Shop admin, go to Settings > General. Store Profile, in the Company address section.
  2. USD is set as the store currency.
    Since the Amazon US-Marketplace shows product prices in USD, you can upload products from Netcash Shop only as long as you use US dollars in your Netcash Shop catalog. To change the currency, in your Shop admin, Settings > Regional Settings > Currency.
  3. You do not sell handmade goods.
    Amazon has a separate marketplace called Amazon Handmade. You can’t add product offers there using third-party services — you should create them directly in your Amazon Handmade account. You can try uploading them to the Amazon marketplace, yet there is a chance that Amazon will reject them.


You can also sell on Amazon marketplaces in other countries (France, Germany, Italy, etc.) using Koongo app:

To start selling on Amazon, connect your Netcash online store to Amazon with the Koongo app. The connection process includes creating the Inventory and Inventory Remove feeds and syncing orders between Netcash and Amazon. After connecting, your online catalogue is listed on Amazon so that shoppers can order your goods directly on the marketplace. The stock of a product is synchronised between your Amazon and Netcash accounts, preventing you from overselling.

The Koongo app is $24+ per month with a free month trial. The Koongo subscription is paid separately from the Netcash subscription.

If you had your store connected to Amazon via the Koongo app which is no longer supported by Netcash, you can contact the Koongo support team for assistance in migrating your store.

Plan availability: Business, Unlimited.

Requirements for selling on Amazon

To sell on Amazon, you need to meet the following requirements:

1. Register an Amazon Professional seller account.

2. Comply with the Amazon Selling Policies.

3. Your country must be white-listed by Amazon to sell from.

4. Do not sell handmade goods. For handmade items, Amazon has a separate marketplace called Amazon Handmade. Handmade items should be added to Amazon Handmade directly from the marketplace account since it can’t be integrated with third-party services.

5. You have assigned EAN or UPC to your products. That is needed to list your products on Amazon via the Koongo app.

Creating the Inventory feed for Amazon

To list products from your Netcash catalogue on Amazon, you have to create the inventory feed via the Koongo app. It’s recommended to use the Inventory Loader feed since it automatically matches items from your Netcash online catalogue to existing items and categories on Amazon.

If you sell unique items that are not listed on Amazon yet, you can create a custom product feed for Amazon. You can contact the Koongo support team for assistance.

To create an inventory feed for Amazon with the Koongo app:

1. From your Netcash admin, go to Apps → App Market.

2. Find the Koongo app and click Install.

3. Click Open Koongo account.

4. You will be redirected to your Koongo account. In the menu on the left, select Channels.

5. Click + Channel Profile and select Amazon.

6. In the Market dropdown, select your location. In the Type dropdown, select the Inventory loader. In the Format field, select TXT. Then click Add Channel Profile.

7. Adjust the product settings by clicking the gear icon on the right:

8. In the General tab, you will find information about currency and the feed format. You can leave it as it is.

9. Switch to the Attributes tab where you will find the attribute mapping settings. Most of the attributes are already pre-mapped. Check if Amazon attributes below are correctly mapped to your store attributes:

Product ID. Choose EAN or UPC depending on where you sell.

Product-id-type. Select one of the following: 1 = ASIN, 2 = ISBN, 3 = UPC, 4 = EAN. As a rule of thumb, you can go with UPC or EAN depending on your location, or ISBN if you sell books.

Price. You can change the price of all products for Amazon. For example, increase the price by 20%.

Item-condition. Choose whether you sell new items or used ones.

Add-delete. The Add-delete attribute needs to be set to “a”.

In case you have any questions, contact the Koongo support team for assistance.

10. (optional) In the Product Filter tab, you can choose what products to import to Amazon. For example, you can import only the Asics brand, or only the women’s clothes. Read more about filtering categories in the Koongo help centre.

11. Once you are done setting up your catalogue, click Save and Export.

12. Click API Submission.

13. In the Enable Feed Auto Submit dropdown, choose Yes.

14. Click Connect Amazon Account.

That’s it. Now you have to create the Inventory Remove feed.

Creating the Inventory Remove feed for Amazon

The Inventory Remove feed removes products from the marketplace when the product is deleted from your Netcash store.

To create the Inventory Remove feed for Amazon via the Koongo app:

1. From your Netcash admin, go to Apps → My Apps.
2. Near the Koongo app, click Open.
3. You will be redirected to your Koongo account. In the menu on the left, navigate to Dashboard, and near the Channels click Add New:

4. Choose Amazon.

5. In the Market dropdown, select your country; in the Type dropdown, select Inventory Remove, and in the Format dropdown — TXT.

6. Click Add Channel Profile.

7. Click API submission:

8. In the Enable Feed Auto Submit dropdown, choose Yes.

9. Click Connect Amazon Account.

That’s it. You’ve created the Inventory Remove feed. Now you have to set up syncing orders.

Synchronising orders between Netcash and Amazon with the Koongo app

To make orders from Amazon appear in your Netcash admin, you need to synchronise them via the Koongo app.

Before you proceed with order syncing, make sure your current Koongo plan allows you to create the order synchronisation. To do so, in your Koongo account go to My plan and Pricing and in the Service Features section, check how many Order connections your current plan supports:

If you have reached your limits, you need to upgrade the plan. For this, select the desired number of order connections from the dropdown and click I agree with this plan to purchase a new plan.

To sync orders between Netcash and Amazon via the Koongo app: 

1. From your Netcash admin, go to Apps → My Apps.

2. Near the Koongo app, click Open

3. From your Koongo account, click Orders in the menu on the left:

4. Switch to the Connections tab and select Amazon.

5. In the Activate Order Synchronisation field, choose Active.

6. Click Save.

That’s it. Now your Netcash product catalogue will appear on Amazon where people can find your brand and purchase it directly from the marketplace.

Troubleshooting the Koongo-Amazon connection errors

During the submission process, an error may occur, preventing you from publishing your products on Amazon. In that case, you will see the notification in your Product report tab. To fix the error, you can reset your settings and try to set up your product feed again.

To fix an occurred error:

1. From your Koongo account, go to Channels → choose the listing you submitted to Amazon → Submission → Product report.

2. Click the Clean Errors button to clear the API submission information:

3. Re-submit products by following the steps for setting up the product feed.

To get detailed information about why an error occurred and how to fix it, contact the Koongo support. Or check the Koongo help center for troubleshooting other errors.

Processing orders from Amazon

When someone buys your product on Amazon, a new order will appear in the My sales → Orders section in your Netcash admin. You will get notification about a new order with an email or a push notification in the Netcash mobile app for iOS or Android.

Orders from Amazon will have a marketplace logo on their page:

There are two ways you can manage orders: from your Netcash admin or from your Amazon Professional Seller account. When you change the status in Netcash and fill in the tracking number, this information appears in Amazon. Alternatively, you can change the order status, add a tracking number, and process orders from your Amazon Professional Seller account.

You will need to fulfill orders and ship them with the help of Amazon or by yourself. If you choose to fulfill orders with Amazon, you can use the Fulfillment by Amazon service or Buy shipping service.

To contact the customer who bought your product on Amazon, you can reach them using the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service on Amazon.


Can I sell on Amazon in other countries and currencies?

Yes, you can sell your Netcash Shop products on other Amazon marketplaces in Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, etc. using the Koongo app from our App Market.

How much does it cost to sell on Amazon?

For the Amazon marketplace in the USA we don’t use any third-party services. So, to connect Netcash Shop to Amazon.com, you just need to upgrade to Netcash Shop Business or Unlimited plan.

For other Amazon marketplaces (Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, etc.), you can use the Koongo app. The Koongo app is $24+ per month with a free month trial. The Koongo subscription is paid separately from the Netcash subscription.

On the Amazon side, you need to pay for the Professional Seller account ($39,99/month flat) plus additional selling fees. For more details, refer to Amazon pricing.

Can I sell handmade goods on Amazon?

Amazon has a separate marketplace for selling handmade goods called Amazon Handmade. They don’t allow product listing uploading via any third-party companies — you should upload products there directly from the Amazon account.

If you want to sell handmade goods on Amazon, consider these options: a) try listing your handmade goods on the regular Amazon marketplace in an appropriate category. Be ready that there is a chance that Amazon won’t approve the upload; b) upload products to Amazon Handmade manually, without connecting them to Netcash Shop.

What happens if I connect an Amazon account where I have existing listings?

Your Amazon account will be linked to your Netcash Shop account. That won’t affect your existing listings in any way: they will remain in your Amazon account and they won’t be linked to your Netcash Shop products.

You can also create new listings from Netcash Shop. They will be added to your Amazon account and these new listings can be synced with your Netcash Shop catalog.