How to sell clothes online with Netcash Shop

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How to Make Money on Facebook in South Africa
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April 4, 2024

Learn how to grow your fashion brand online effortlessly, and find out how to create a beautiful no-code website, sell on social media and marketplaces, and accept secure payments online.

To get started, our 30-day free trial could be a pivotal way to develop your online apparel business. Here’s how Netcash Shop can help make selling clothes online an easy and enjoyable venture.

Sell on Multiple Platforms

Netcash Shop offers various solutions when you want to tackle cross-platform selling. Sell clothes online across multiple platforms, including mobile, websites, social media, such as Facebook & Instagram, Google Shopping and Search, and marketplaces like Amazon.

Social Media

Netcash Shop can help you get to a wider audience by advertising your online store on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Responsive Design

Netcash Shop has a variety of customisable themes that are fully responsive. This makes your online shop look perfect on any device, including smartphone, tablet, and laptop.

Global Reach

Netcash Shop features integrations with Amazon, eBay, and Google, real-time shipping integration with local couriers like BobGo, Fastway, and Droppa, and support for over 50 languages.

5 easy ways to sell clothes online

If you’re looking for a way to sell clothing online but don’t know where to start, don’t stress. Here are the best ways to sell clothes, whether that’s via social media, marketplaces, or a website.

1.  Create a website for your fashion range

It doesn’t matter what product you’re offering, whether it’s shoes, accessories, or dresses, you need a platform to sell clothes online. So, creating a website is a great place to start. Netcash Shop has Instant Site, a brilliant website builder that’s included with all eCommerce plans.

That said, if you already have a website, you could always add an online store to it. When you choose Netcash Shop, building your website, or adding an online element to it becomes simple and quick. With a variety of website builders, including WordPress, Wix, Joomla, and Squarespace that seamlessly connect to Netcash Shop, it’s never been easier to set up your virtual store.

2. Sell without a website

There is also a way to sell online without a website, whether that’s through advertising on Instagram, Facebook, or using a third-party online marketplace like Amazon. Netcash Shop has useful functionalities, like the Buy Now Button, which allows you to place a beautiful product card or simple “Buy Now” button on your own or a third party’s website – the perfect solution for affiliate marketing.

Additionally, you could sell your clothes online at wholesale prices to other retailers that have successful websites. To do this, you’ll need to ensure you have enough of a profit margin to sell items at the retailer’s preferred rate.

3. Sell on social media

Another great option for where to sell clothes online is social media, as it offers a unique way to connect with prospective customers.

Of course, selling on Facebook and Instagram is a surefire way to improve your accessibility. To set up a Facebook and Instagram Business account, your business needs to comply with their merchant agreement and commerce policies, have a website domain, and be selling an eligible product.

Your profile also needs to undergo an account review before you’re able to advertise on these platforms. That said, with over three billion users, not being on here will limit your chances of success.

4. Connect to marketplaces

Still not sure about the last three options? There are other places to sell clothes online, such as marketplaces and sites like Vinted, Etsy, ASOS Marketplace, and Depop in the UK. In South Africa, the best places to sell clothes online are Yaga, Zando, Gumtree, Amazon and Takealot.

For most of these, the setup is relatively simple, as you only need a seller account and a connected payment method. That said, selling on Amazon is a bit more complicated. For this, you’ll need to set up shipping options, taxes,  returns, and exchange terms on the Amazon US or UK store. In addition, you’ll also need to add your business info and terms of service. However, if you are successful, it could be very profitable.

5. Choose an eCommerce solution that does it all

Another solution for selling clothing online is to use an eCommerce shop. As one of the best eCommerce platforms in South Africa, Netcash Shop can help you incorporate eCommerce into any small business plan.

Some eCommerce best practices to follow are optimising product pages, decluttering your website, and ensuring your site is secured – all in an effort to make prospective customer’s experience as effortless as possible.

Of course, if you’d prefer to leave this to the pros, Netcash Shop includes some innovative eCommerce features, such as store management, sales channels, and preset configurations that make all of this much easier for you from the start.

Best apps for selling clothes online

If you’re looking to incorporate some eCommerce apps on your website, Netcash Shop has a range of options available.  Here are some of the best apps for selling clothes, available on the Netcash Shop App Market.

1. Printful

If you’re looking for an app to help with dropshipping, then Printful is the one for you. It offers custom printing, warehousing, and fulfillment – which it manages in-house. All you have to do is add your product to the store.

2. Mailchimp

Unsure about how to do email marketing? Then integrating Mailchimp into your site is a must-do. It can help you create customised email templates, schedule social media posts, and set up automated email campaigns – which can all assist you in building necessary exposure.

3. HelpfulCrowd

A useful app to help you understand your customer’s experience is HelpfulCrowd, which generates and collects product reviews. This is because shoppers are more likely to trust sites that highlight past consumer encounters.

4. Affiliatly

Another app that can help you sell products online is Affiliatly, which assists with developing affiliate programs quickly. By using affiliate marketing, you can improve your reachability by offering influencers and online blogs a percentage of profits per purchase made of a specific product.

5. Size Chart

One of the challenges of running an online clothing store is that customers can’t always visualise how a product will fit them. However, by incorporating Size Chart into your site, you can reduce the amount of exchanges and refunds you’ll get. By providing a more in-depth product description and size measurements, prospective buyers can better visualise how the clothing would fit.

Benefits of using Netcash Shop for online clothes sales

Netcash Shop has a variety of plans available to suit your business so that your customers can buy clothes online. We also have a free plan available to get you started. Beyond that, Netcash Shop’s eCommerce shopping cart, Instant Site, and Buy Now Button are the perfect tools to sell clothes online.

After you have created your free account, you can add your online clothing shop to any existing website using one of the integrated plugins. Additionally, you can simply copy and paste a few lines of code into any content management system.

Now you can sell your clothes online by adding your Netcash Shop to your Joomla, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, or custom website.

You are now ready to start selling clothes online in South Africa. You can also use the Netcash plugins to sync your shop to social media platforms to sell online across multiple platforms and increase your reach.

Sign up for Netcash Shop free of charge

Customisable template

First impressions last, and being in the fashion industry, you have a strong understanding of how important appearance is. That is why Netcash Shop features a customisable template to blend seamlessly with your website to display your inventory beautifully. Our systems are lightning-fast, so your customers will enjoy a smooth online shopping experience and make their purchases before the fashion season changes.

Responsive design

Our responsive website design presents your fashion line in an aesthetically pleasing way to your customer on any device. Netcash Shop’s responsive design is mobile-optimised to display smoothly when your customers are on the go.

Our website and online shop templates are customisable, so you can tailor the look of your online clothing store with the click of a button without needing any design or website development skills.

Customers can browse your clothing range online and purchase directly from your online shop. Payment and shipping plugins are fully integrated, and you can use the free mobile store app to manage your clothing catalogue on the go.

Powerful eCommerce shopping cart

Netcash Shop’s powerful eCommerce shopping cart includes features that use customer data to help you learn from your customer’s shopping habits. You can use data to market your business to segmented customer groups, and develop a loyal customer following through social media, while even offering your VIP customers exclusive discounts.

Easy-to-use payment gateway

Accepting payments in your online clothing store is simple. Thanks to the various payment solutions that come integrated into your Netcash Shop, you can offer your fashionista customers multiple ways to pay. We have pre-installed the Netcash eCommerce payment gateway (Pay Now); all you need to do is complete your Pay Now service application and copy & paste the Pay Now service key into the Netcash plugin in the Netcash Shop control panel. The payment options you can offer your customers with Netcash are:

  • Scan to Pay – accept almost all QR and digital wallet payments
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Visa Click to Pay
  • Bank EFT
  • Payflex
  • Retail Payments
  • Instant EFT

Integrated shipping options

It is a top priority to deliver customer’s orders as fast as possible, which is simple to do by setting up one or a variety of shipping options. Netcash Shop has integrated shipping options with local courier companies like Fastway Couriers for real-time shipping quotes. Additionally, you can use the shipping configuration wizard to set up flat-rate shipping, shipping based on location, and many more.

Top features of an online clothes store

Now that you know what benefits Netcash Shop has for online sales, you might want to know what features your website to sell clothes should have. Here’s a quick rundown to help you make the most of your online clothing store:

1. High-quality photographs

First things first, online customers need to see what they’re buying. Without high-quality product images, sales simply aren’t going to happen. If you’re looking for where to start, this beginner’s guide to eCommerce photography will help.

Adding useful product imagery assists in portraying what your clothing business offers that is unique. These include banners, logos, and branded art. Some other helpful things to add to your online stores are in-depth product descriptions that make it clear to prospective customers what you bring to the market.

For example, 100% cotton or locally sourced materials show that you take importance in providing your consumer with sustainable products.

2. Simplistic, easy-to-use navigation

Going hand in hand with top-notch imagery is easy-to-use navigation of your site. Without this, it doesn’t matter if you have the best product photos, as your customers won’t be able to use your website and leave out of frustration.

Making the shopping experience as convenient as possible can lead to return consumers, higher spending, and even an ability to recover abandoned carts. This can be done by adding dropdown menus, specific product categories, like menswear or womenswear, and relevant clothing information, such as fabric, colour, and sizing.

3. Product reviews

Another feature that is pivotal to add to an online clothing store is product reviews. Why’s this? Well, it helps to build your business’ exposure, reliability, and reputation – as customers will be more willing to buy clothes that other people like. This is the power of social proof.

What’s more, reviews can help to boost the SEO of your business, as they show search engines that you have a reputable and trustworthy website. This could lead you to rank higher, as your store will be searched for by prospective customers looking for potential reviews.

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4. A secure eCommerce platform

One thing your online clothing store needs to have is a secure platform. Seeing as you’re selling merchandise, customers want to know that their data is safe from hackers and scammers.

So, if your eCommerce platform is not secured, chances are prospective consumers won’t want to spend money on it. There are various reliable options to use, but with Netcash Shop, you’ll save money on eCommerce website prices.

5. Size guides

Next up, we’ve got size guides – a great way to improve the understanding of product options you have on your site. Often, what happens with people ordering online is there is a lack of information regarding the sizing of clothing.

So, if you can provide users with a size guide for each of your products, they will have more peace of mind when making a decision and spending money on your site. Additionally, if you’re selling internationally, make sure to provide clients with different measurements, such as UK, US, and European sizing.

Pro tip: It can also be helpful to add what size the model in the product image is wearing.

FAQs about selling clothes online

Still have some lingering questions about using an online store to sell clothes? Worry not. Here are some answers to commonly asked queries.

Why sell clothes online?

There are several benefits to selling clothes online, such as the cost reduction compared to owning a physical business, more flexibility for customers, and cheaper advertising and marketing prices.

Pro Tip: Netcash Shop makes it simple to sell clothing online across South Africa and internationally by using the Netcash Shop control panel to manage your catalogue, promote your business across multiple platforms, accept payments, manage orders and coordinate shipping.

Is it worth selling clothes online?

Selling clothes online isn’t always easy, as you’ll need to set up a website, payment methods, and include various features. That said, by using Netcash Shop, you can create an Instant Site and have access to several Netcash plugins.

How to sell clothes online in South Africa?

There are many different ways to sell clothes online in South Africa, from social media to running your own online clothing store.

How can I sell and get paid online?

You can sell anywhere online and get paid. However, some of the best places to sell online are Instagram, Facebook, and Google. An exceptional way to get started is by setting up a free Netcash Shop.

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