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Sales stats and Reports

Effectively managing your online shop requires a thorough understanding of its operations. This means knowing your customer demographics, their buying behaviours, popular products, and whether your marketing efforts are working. Accessing these insights is crucial for making informed decisions to enhance your shop’s performance.

You can get these valuable insights by going to your shop’s Reports. You’ll find two main categories of reports: basic and detailed.

Basic statistics are readily visible on the Dashboard page of your desktop administrative interface and the home screen of your mobile app for iOS and Android. These statistics offer a quick snapshot of important metrics, such as visitor numbers, order data, and abandoned carts.

For a deeper understanding of your shop’s performance, explore the detailed reports. Here, you’ll gain comprehensive insights into key metrics like visitor behaviour, order trends, financial metrics, and marketing effectiveness. Each metric is accompanied by a range of specific parameters, allowing you to assess your shop’s performance across various dimensions. Additionally, you can analyse performance over specific time frames, such as during peak holiday seasons or summer months.

Visitor Insights

Gain insights into visitor numbers, dwell times, return rates, and preferred browsing devices. Understanding these metrics enables you to optimise your marketing strategies and attract more visitors to your shop.

Order Analysis

Monitor order volumes, revenue streams, repeat purchase rates, average items per order, and sales trends over specific periods. Identifying factors driving larger orders, such as incentivised shipping thresholds, empowers you to encourage repeat purchases and increase order sizes.

Financial Tracking

Track revenue streams, average order values, and customer spending patterns to project future revenue and optimise the purchasing journey for enhanced profitability.

Marketing Attribution

Identify the most effective marketing channels driving traffic to your shop, including advertising links and email campaigns. Utilising UTM tags facilitates accurate tracking of sales sources, enabling you to refine your marketing strategies accordingly.

You have the flexibility to customise report periods and compare performance across different time frames, allowing for informed decision-making and continual optimisation of your online shop’s operations.

To stay clued-up, you can receive emails with your weekly stats and bits of advice on how to grow your business. To subscribe to emails, go to the Settings → Notifications page and turn on the Receive weekly stats report toggle.