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SMS Notifications

You can send order notifications and shipping updates via SMS to your customers and yourself when order status changes. SMS notification allows you to communicate quickly and efficiently – SMS messages have a 95% open rate, and most are read within 5 minutes.

You can also use the SMS notification method as a marketing channel to update your customers on special offers, sales, and give discounts. In order to use the SMS notification method, you will need to make use one of the apps from the Netcash Shop App Market shown below.


Twilio app allows to send SMS notifications when:

  • The order payment or shipping status changed.
  • You want to send a custom message, for example, inform your customers of a promotion of a special offer.

To start using the app:

  1. Open Twilio app page in Netcash Shop
  2. Connect your Twilio account
  3. Set the messages you want to send following in-app instructions.

NOTE: free trial available.

Twilio, Nexmo, CM.com, SMSC.RU

This SMS Order Notifications app allows you to use any of the four supported SMS gateways: Twilio, Nexmo, CM.com, SMSC.ru.

You can:

  • Enable/disable SMS notifications for any order status with individual message templates and order details.
  • Block specific phone numbers (customers who do not want to receive SMS notifications).
  • Send custom SMS notification to any phone number.

To start using the app:

  1. Open the app page in Netcash Shop and install it.
  2. Register with one of the SMS gateways that suits you best and connect the account.
  3. Set the messages you want to send following in-app instructions.

NOTE: free trial available.

Other SMS services

You can connect any SMS notification service with Netcash Shop through Zapier. It supports many services, like SMS by Zapier, Mobyt SMS, Beepsend SMS, Burst SMS, Octopush SMS, SMS Partner, and others.

NOTE: free trial available. The app is available on all Netcash Shop paid plans.

Netcash Shop Expert team can help you connect any service in your choice. Contact support to request an estimate quote.