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Payment and shipping information

If you are starting a new business, or you are a seasoned trader, you must meet certain legal requirements and standard business requirements. Besides financial regulations, tax obligations and employment laws you must have the basics in place to meet compliance standards.

Netcash has taken some of the pain out of getting started by creating a series of draft legal templates to assist you in saving time, money and giving guidance through the setup process.

In our efforts to support local South African SMME’s, we have created draft templates for the following pages to live on your website:

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy including POPIA
  • Returns Policy
  • Shipping and Payment Information
  • Trading Terms and Conditions

Why do I need to add Payment and Shipping Information to my website?

Adding payment and shipping terms to your online store is extremely important for many reasons. By having this information available you are assuring your customers that you are a legitimate business with compliant and transparent trading terms. Customers shopping on your site can view your payment and shipping terms before shopping online and choose to do business with you or not.

Having Payment and Shipping information will give your customers information on how you process payments and what processes you follow to ensure safe delivery of their online order.

Payment and Shipping information may include:

  • Payment Methods
  • Warranties when making payment
  • Errors in purchase prices
  • Shipping and delivery methods
  • Shipping and delivery costs
  • Delivery times and
  • Transfer of risk during the delivery process.

Payment and Shipping Information

This template is intended to assist you to draft your own Payment and Shipping Information page. Netcash does not provide legal advice and it is up to you to ensure that all your legal agreements comply with South African law. We highly recommend that you consult an attorney. Netcash will not be responsible for any damage that you suffer or any third party suffers relating to this template.

It is up to you to replace the words in brackets which look like this [insert words here] with the right information. Do not publish this notice without replacing all the [words in brackets].

Please delete this notice once you are finished replacing all the [words in brackets].

NB: This terms of this Payment and Shipping Information form part of the [company name]’s (‘we’ or ‘us’) terms and conditions.


1. How to pay us

You can pay us in a number of ways including:

  • [Credit card]
    • We will require additional information for fraud detection and authentication purposes and if we do not receive it the order will be cancelled.
  • [Instant EFT]
  • [debit card]
  • [direct bank deposit]
  • [Scan to pay]
  • [cash on delivery]
  • [vouchers and coupons] [note, name the vouchers types]
  • [add additional payment methods that Merchant accepts]

We do NOT accept payment by:

  • [Credit Card]
  • [Instant EFT]
  • [debit card]
  • [direct bank deposit]
  • [cash on delivery]
  • [vouchers and coupons] [note, name the vouchers types]
  • [add additional payment methods that Merchant does NOT accept]

2. Specific warranties you make when making payment

If you are using a credit or debit card you warrant (guarantee) that:

  • You are authorized to use the credit or debit card, and
  • There are sufficient funds for the order.

If you are using a direct bank deposit then you warrant (guarantee) that you will make the payment within [insert number of days / hours] from when the order is placed. If your payment is not reflected within this time the order will be cancelled. Our banking details are:

  • [merchant name]
  • [merchant bank]
  • [account number]
  • [branch number]
  • [branch name]
  • [swift code]


Our banking details are made available to you when placing the order.

If you are paying by means of cash on delivery, you warrant that you will have sufficient cash on hand at the time of delivery and that the cash amount will be exactly the amount required for the order.

If you are paying by means of a voucher or coupon then you warrant (guarantee) that:

  • The voucher or coupon has not been redeemed (used) before
  • The voucher or coupon is still valid (i.e. it has not expired)
  • You have not provided the voucher or coupon to anyone else

Vouchers and coupons are subject to further restrictions, particularly regarding their ability to be exchanged for cash. Please read our terms and conditions for a list of the restrictions.

3. Errors in purchase prices

While we take every effort to ensure that the prices reflected on our website are accurate, it is possible that there can be some errors about the purchase price. If we have made an error relating to the purchase price we will refund the purchase price to you as set out in our Returns Policy. We will not be responsible for any obvious errors in the purchase price on our website.

Shipping and deliveries

4. Shipping / delivery methods

Aside from electronic goods or services (like music or an ebook) our goods are delivered by means of:
  • [courier]
  • [collection from a collection point]
  • [collection from a branch or store]
(delete the options that you do not offer)

5. Changing of delivery address

We use a third-party courier to get the goods to you and so for security reasons we cannot change the shipping address once the order has been processed, so please make sure the shipping address is correct.

6. Shipping / delivery costs

The shipping or delivery costs will normally be shown as part of the cost of the order. If the costs are not mentioned then the cost of delivery is included in your order.

There are no delivery charges for electronic goods.

7. Delivery times

Deliveries will be made [during business days (i.e. not on weekends or public holidays)] during business hours which are [08h00 to 17h00].

Normally the information in the order will indicate how long it will take before your goods are delivered. If this information is not included then the normal delivery times are [30 days] from the date of your order. If you have not received your goods [30 days] after you placed your order please contact us with your reference number so that we can help sort it out.

If we discover we cannot deliver in the [30 day] period after you placed your order we will give you a choice to wait until we can make the delivery or you can cancel the transaction.

8. International deliveries

We [do] [do not] deliver internationally. We deliver to the following countries:

  • [Name countries where delivery can occur]

9. Incorrect goods delivered / broken goods delivered

Please check the contents of your delivery as soon as possible (preferably when it is delivered) and report any damage / incorrect goods that you have received as soon as possible. Please remember to quote the order number so we can track your order and find out what went wrong.

10. Transfer of risk on delivery

Once we have delivered the goods to you the risk in the goods passes to you. This means we are not responsible for any loss you may suffer if the goods are stolen or broken by you or someone who you give access to the goods and we are also not responsible for any damage or loss you suffer if you use the goods in a way they were not intended to be used or against the instructions. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS on how to use the goods as they contain important warnings and safety information!

11. Inability to deliver

If you, or someone authorized by you is not available at a particular delivery address then we will try and deliver the goods [twice] more. If we are still unable to deliver the goods then we will cancel the order and refund the purchase price.

Some goods – such as liquor – require that we only deliver the goods into the care of an adult. If no adult is available we will keep the goods and report that we were unable to deliver the goods.

To add Payment and Shipping information to your Instant Site, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log into your Netcash account.

Step 2: Navigate to the Services > Shop > Shop Policies

Step 3: Find the Payment and Shipping policy and click on the View button

Step 4: Copy the template

Step 5: Edit the template to align with your business ‘Payment and Shipping Policy’

Step 6: Consult an attorney before adding the ‘Payment and Shipping’ information to your website.

When you have edited the template and consulted with an attorney, you can add the ‘Payment and Shipping’ information to your website footer:

Step 7: In the Netcash Shop Admin panel, navigate to Settings > Legal > Legal Settings > Legal Pages and Policies > Return Policy:

Step 8: Select ‘Add Page’

Step 9: Paste your personalized ‘Payment and Shipping’ information in the space provided:

Note: Make sure that you have enabled the page using the toggle on the right-hand side of the Legal Pages and Policies section:

Step 10: Save

Your customers will feel more confident shopping on your website knowing where they stand with payment and shipping information. You are 1 step closer to running a compliant business. You can focus on selling knowing that your customers trust you and feel safe shopping your brand.

For support contact us: shopsupport@netcash.co.za