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Trading Terms and Conditions

If you are starting a new business, or you are a seasoned trader, you must meet certain legal requirements and standard business requirements. Besides financial regulations, tax obligations and employment laws you must have the basics in place to meet compliance standards.

Netcash has taken some of the pain out of getting started by creating a series of draft legal templates to assist you in saving time, money and giving guidance through the setup process. You can use each of the templates as needed for your business, and simply edit and activate them within your Netcash Shop dashboard. These typically display in the footer of your website for your customers to access.

In our efforts to support local South African SMME’s, we have created draft templates for the following pages to live on your website. You can find them and the related pages in your Netcash Shop dashboard under Settings > Legal.

netcash shop legal and compliance pages


Why do I need to add Terms and Conditions to my website?


In short, “Terms of Use” (sometimes called “Terms of Service” or “Terms and Conditions”) is a way for you to set up rules and regulations for visitors using your business’s website. It’s also a way to protect your business by limiting liability.

Terms and conditions are aimed at protecting the business (you). They give business owners the opportunity to set their rules (within applicable law) of how their service or product may be used including, but not limited to, things like copyright conditions, age limits, and the governing law of the contract.


The Template


This template is intended to assist you to draft your own Terms and Conditions page. Netcash does not provide legal advice and it is up to you to ensure that all your legal agreements comply with South African law. We highly recommend that you consult an attorney. Netcash will not be responsible for any damage that you suffer or any third party suffers relating to this template.

It is up to you to replace the words in brackets which look like this [insert words here] with the right information. Do not publish this notice without replacing all the [words in brackets].

Please delete this notice in the template once you are finished replacing all the [words in brackets].

NB: The terms of the Payment and Shipping Information form part of the [company name]’s (‘we’ or ‘us’) terms and conditions.


1. Who we are 2
2. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions 2
3. Registration on the Website and Security 2
4. Conclusion of Sales 3
5. Availability of stock 3
6. Payment and Shipping 3
7. Errors 3
8. Conditions relating to specific goods 3
9. Children 4
10. Electronic communications 4
11. Ownership and copyright 4
12. Social media and Content 5
13. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability 5
14. Website Availability 5
15. Privacy Notice 5
16.Warranties 5
17. Termination 6
18. Governing Law 6
19. Notices 6
20. Complaints 6
21. General 7

In terms of s49 of the Consumer Protection Act no. 68 of 2008 these terms:
  • Limit our liability, (clause 13)
  • Can create liability for you the user, (clauses 12)
  • Can compel you to indemnify us in some cases, (clause 11)
  • Acknowledge facts (clause 10, 13, 14, 15)

 Please read these terms and conditions carefully.