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Advanced discounts for products and categories

In addition to setting sale prices for individual products, you can apply advanced discounts for one or multiple products and categories at once. Discounts can be applied either in percentage or in monetary values. It is also possible to schedule when to run a sale. Prices automatically adjust when the sale begins and revert to their original values afterward. For instance, you can offer a 25% discount on your new collection during Black Friday, and once the promotion ends your prices will go back to their original values.

When you put items on sale, the lower price overrides the default one, and products get the “ON SALE” label. Each discount you create is accessible on the Marketing → Advanced Discounts page so you can reuse each discount by simply turning it on and off.

Note that this feature is only available on the Business and Unlimited plans. You can upgrade your Netcash Shop plan in your Merchant account.

How advanced discounts work in Netcash Shop

Before you create a discount, you may want to read rules that are applied to advanced discounts to better understand how sales prices work in your online store:

Discounts for products related to several categories. One product can be related to several categories. Say, you have a product that is related to category A and B. If at least one category is on sale, the discount will apply to the product.

Several discounts applied for one product. It’s possible to create several discounts for one product. However, they do not sum up, and only the biggest discount will be applied. 

Pay What You Want pricing and discounts. In your store, you can offer customers to pay their own price. For those types of products discounts will not apply to, even if you put the entire category on sale where these products are included.

Taxes and discounts. You can apply discounts to all products, no matter if their price includes taxes or not. In a tax-included store, the discount applies to the total price (price + tax). In a tax-excluded store, the discount applies to the price first, and then tax is calculated based on the discounted price.

Advanced discounts are versatile to set up. For example, you can create a 50% discount for a whole category while offering some products within that category for a higher discount.

When offering a different sale price for a product within a discounted category, ensure the individual product’s discount is higher than the discount applied to the entire category. Otherwise, the sale price of the item will not be altered.

Setting up advanced discounts for products or categories

Each new discount you create appears on the Advanced Discounts page in your Netcash Shop admin where you can view its status, edit, enable or disable it.

To set up sale prices:

  1. From your Netcash Shop admin, go to Marketing → Advanced Discounts.
  2. Click Create Discount.
  3. Choose to apply a discount to products or a category.
  4. Click Next Step.
  5. In the Discount value field, specify whether you want to change the price in percentage or in the absolute value. Enter the value.
  6. In the search field, type the name or SKU of a product or category you want to put on sale. Click Select.
  7. (optional) To change the title for the discount, click Change near the current title and enter your custom name.
  8. Click Next Step.
  9. To create a schedule for sale, click Limit discount by active dates and specify the date and time to start the sale.
  10. Click Set end date and time to specify when prices should revert back to regular. Discount prices will be active during the specified time period.
  11. Click Create and launch to enable sale right away. Click Create without launch to create a discount without enabling.


That’s it. Launched discounts are applied to your products or categories immediately. Discounts created without launch can be enabled later manually from the Advanced Discounts page.

Editing advanced discounts for products and categories

All advanced discounts you create are stored on the Marketing → Advanced Discounts page. You can edit the discount so that each promo or sale fits your current business needs. For instance, you can change the start and end date for the Black Friday discount, considering its annual variation.

To edit discounts in your store:

  1. From your Netcash Shop admin, go to Marketing → Advanced Discounts.
  2. Find the discount you want to edit and click on it. To speed up search, use filters.
  3. Make changes to the discount settings.
  4. Click Save

You can change the sale price appearance: specify wording, where the price is displayed, and if savings are shown in a percentage or an absolute value

Enabling or disabling discounts for products and categories

On the Advanced Discounts page, you can turn on and off each discount you created. That comes in handy for quickly running sales throughout the year since you don’t have to set up unconditional discounts from scratch. You can edit the discount before turning it on.

To run a sale at a certain time in future, you can schedule the sale period so that discounts are automatically applied at a certain day and time.

To enable or disable discounts in your store:

  1. From your Netcash Shop admin, go to Marketing → Advanced Discounts.
  2. Locate the discount. Use filters to quickly find a discount or several discounts.
  3. To disable discount, click Actions and select Disable discount.
  4. To enable discount, click on it, then click the Disabled dropdown, and change the status to Enabled.
  5. (To disable discounts in bulk) Select discounts you want to disable, click Mass Update, and choose to disable selected. Mass update is available only for disabling discounts.
  6. Click Save.