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Log a Lead

Refer and earn rewards points

Know someone looking for an ecommerce and payment solution? Refer them to Netcash and get rewarded. A single lead could earn your store R500 worth of points, which you can use to reduce your Netcash Shop transactions and service fees! 

How does it work? 

  1. Refer a lead to Netcash 
  2. Your referral activates their Netcash account 
  3. They transact for at least 3 months 
  4. You earn R500 in rewards credit in your Netcash account.


How to Log a Lead 

1. In your Netcash account navigate to Account profile. 

2. Select Rewards > Log a lead. 

3. Click on the Log a new lead button. 

4. Insert the required details. 

5. Click Submit. 

The Lead will now be displayed in your Leads Logged menu and a Payments Advisor at Netcash will be notified to contact the client and provide you with feedback. 

View leads logged 

1. Click on Account Profile. 

2. Select Rewards > Log a lead. 

3. A report detailing all leads logged together with the current status is displayed. 

Checking your rewards statement 

1. Click on Account Profile. 

2. Select Rewards > Rewards statement. 

3. Choose the date range required. 

4. Submit and view your reward points. 

Converting your rewards points 

1. Click on Account Profile. 

2. Select Rewards > Convert my points. 

3. Insert the Amount to be converted. 

4. Click on Submit.

The value of the points converted will be offset against the outstanding Invoice total. Converted values can be viewed on your statement (Services / Account / Reports / Statement).