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February 9, 2022
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5 Tips to getting your stock, price & orders to sync with your accounting system

stock, price orders to sync with your accounting system

Before we dive into the article, we need to understand WHY a business would want to integrate their accounting system with an online store.

Here are the main pain points: 

  1. Manually updating stock and price on your online store like Netcash Shop or WooCommerce can be a time-consuming task, and one that’s not feasible to do 24/7. Integration with your accounting software solves this instantly, saving time better spent on growing your business. 
  2. Hand capturing every order from your online store can sap hours from ones’ productivity, and also introduce data capture errors. Using an integration tool like ensures all the line items, delivery address and contact details are accurately captured, automatically. 
  3. Customers’ buying an item that’s out of stock is the bane of all online store owners. You’re unable to procure more stock so need to refund the customer and pay the 2X transaction fees in the process. 
  4. Enhance your scalability with integration – as store orders increase, you’ll need to spend more man-hours on managing the admin. Integration means you can scale without more resources required. 
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Here are 5 tips to getting your eCommerce-accounting integration right first time 

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The system needs to be easy to use

In order to set up, run and maintain your eCommerce store, the setup process needs to be simple so that valuable resources can be directed to growing your business and not getting bogged down in data formatting and capturing. takes 20 minutes to integrate your accounting system, like Sage, IQ Retail or Xero etc. and starty syncing data immediately after.
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Choose a system that caters for future growth

This may be in the form of adding new sales channels, like an additional Netcash Shop or WooCommerce platform, as your business requires new stores for different regions or logistical considerations.
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Caters for B2B in addition to retail commerce (B2C)

Running your B2B platform without integration is difficult. One wouldn’t want to integrate your retail sales channel like Netcash Shop or WooCommerce if you’re still manually capturing wholesale order spreadsheets. caters for both retail and B2B wholesale integrations.
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The sync software integrates with your accounting system

There’s little point in investigating a system that integrates with obscure ERP systems little heard of. Instead, find an integration tool that syncs with major ERP systems like Sage, IQ Retail, Xero and more.
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Ensure your data is clean

Integrations rely on good quality data, and SKU codes that are present in both the accounting system and online store. Export data from both and check that it’s congruent before proceeding with an integration as this will save you lots of headaches and costs in future.
storehub icon is an accounting to eCommerce integration platform based in SA that’s been designed to be user-friendly, easy to set up and run. 

 A FREE integration & training setup service, and 30 day free trial means you’ll essentially be able to trial the eCommerce integration services with your own data for a whole month, on us! Click here for a free consultation. 

Nils Fjastad 

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