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April 3, 2022
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April 28, 2022

2022 in eCommerce & the role of your domain name


The eCommerce boom is incredibly interesting and exciting to say the least. While 2020 saw a massive spike in consumers shopping online and most ‘brick & mortar’ ensuring their brands were online, 2021 gave birth to many associated challenges. Online privacy concerns and bottlenecks, particularly with the importation of goods and manufacturing, made running an eCommerce store significantly harder than 2020.

Yet, despite these challenges online shopping still showed growth in 2021. According to Social Media Today global shopping sales via mobile phones grew by $39.14, whilst desktop sales grew on average by $49.59 per order.

Now, in 2022, eCommerce stores have ‘hit the ground running’! Most are focusing their attention on important aspects; such as giving customers what they want – e.g. more choice particularly regarding the way they can pay for and receive orders; and circumventing any challenges that may lie ahead through innovation and change.

If third-party data isn’t reliable anymore due to the new data privacy settings, the savvy eCommerce owner will be looking at collecting data the way it was done before: manually via surveys, online quizzes, etc. Going “old-school” almost feels like taking two steps back, but considering that competition is mostly digital, creating more personal interactions with customers isn’t a bad idea at all.

In 2022 customers will be looking for more than just a great product, they will be looking for a personal connection too.

Keeping the above eCommerce trends in mind, where does your domain name fit in? Thank goodness for consistency because your domain name is still just as important in eCommerce as it has been from the very beginning. The domain name and its extension may not carry any SEO benefit, but here’s what it can do:

  • The right domain name can help to establish your brand
  • The right domain name can help make your brand more memorable
  • The right domain name can help make your brand more visible

Short, simple and relevant domain names are where every eCommerce store starts. However, “old-school” need not apply when choosing your domain name extension. These days there are far more appropriate, and noteworthy, domain name extensions available, such as .tech and .online that could perhaps do more for your online store.

Best of luck!

May 2022 see your eCommerce store succeed!

Register your ‘killer” domain name here.

Wayne Diamond
MD and Owner of

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