How to set up Instagram Shop
How to set up Instagram Shop
February 20, 2022
SEO tips for small businesses
SEO Tips for Small Businesses
April 3, 2022

How to Create Instagram Shopping Posts that Convert

How to Create Instagram Shopping Posts that Convert

Okay, so now that you know how to make your Instagram posts shoppable, it’s even more important to create content that will convert.

You want posts that resonate with your community, appeal to your target audience, show off your products, and entice people to click buy.

Instagram Shop product example
Instagram Shop product example
Instagram Shop product example

Here are five tips for creating click-worthy Instagram shopping posts:

Tip #1: Use a strong call-to-action

Adding a call-to-action (CTA) with your website link or any important product link is absolutely vital and it is a great way to increase engagement on your post or website. CTA can include links, calling people to comment.

You should ask yourself, what do I want my followers to do after seeing my product photo?

A simple call to action such as “tap the photo to learn more” could increase sales and entice customers to want to click. Its extremely easy for followers to get distracted, so once you grab their attention you need to guide them with a straightforward CTA.

Tip #2: Maintain your Instagram aesthetic

Ensure your images are all in line with your brands voice and style, potential customers will begin to remember your brand this way. Your Instagram grid should market your business.

In order to ensure that an Instagram feed looks professional, take the following approach:

  • When choosing a post for Instagram, make sure it’s strategically placed within the story feed — within the same topic area as the majority of the photos in the post.
  • Make sure it has an authoritative colour scheme and center-frame visual component (such as horizontal bands or images with text within them).
  • Ensure that the photo is high-resolution so that it loads faster on your audience’s mobile devices.

Tip #3: Space out tags in images

If you are tagging more than one product in a single post or carousel, ensure they are spaced out evenly. This will ensure no product information Is obstructed

When trying to create a space between your product tags, take into account the number of spaces between each tag and whether the the tags are relevant or not.

If multiple products are tagged in one image, it might end up looking overwhelming. Group products that are similar together so your followers are less likely to miss anything.

Tip #4: Add relevant hashtags 

Include hashtags that are descriptive so that they are searchable. Users will be able to follow your hashtags. Take advantage of hashtags because it will appear on Instagram search results when followers are searching for specific keywords.

When used correctly, hashtags are sure to help increase brand awareness, reach a wider audience, and convert your posts.

Tip #5: Use videos to bring your products to life 

Add short Videos to your Instagram Stories and include shoppable stickers on your posts and demos.

Creating strategic Instagram shopping posts can bring great results. Descriptive hashtags, Visually appealing Instagram Stories, informative content are just a few ways you can boost awareness on your Instagram shopping posts.

Once everything has been set up, use Instagram analytics to track which posts work best.

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